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Privacy Policy

To safeguard and secure your contact details and other information, appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures have been put in place. Your details will be shared with Carillon igloo, agents Humberts and Redwood, independent financial advisor Buildstore and the Designers to help you create your dream home, but will not be shared with third parties.

Intellectual Property

HomeMade™ is a registered trademark owned by igloo Regeneration Limited. The HomeMade™ brand identity and the term HomeManufacturer are trademarks owned by igloo Regeneration Limited. Copyright in the HomeMade™ animation is owned by igloo Regeneration Limited. All the foregoing rights are used in this website and other marketing material under licence from igloo Regeneration Limited. The CGI of the terrace of houses with hands used on the homepage is owned by Carillion igloo Limited, all rights reserved.

Consumer Code

Buying a new home is an important commitment for you, which we also take very seriously. The Consumer Code for Home Builders is a voluntary code of conduct that Carillion-igloo and the Designers follow, to ensure you receive the best possible customer service from reserving your plot through to living in your dream home.

The Code ensures that you are treated fairly, that you understand the level of service to expect and that you have reliable information to base decisions on about your new home.

In the unlikely event that you do have any complaints these should be made to Carillion-igloo or your Designer. Where you are not happy with the response, the Code offers a simple, independent dispute resolution mechanism.

To find out more about the Code click here.

Property Description

The images and key facts used in this website are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent an offer of sale. Plot prices and house prices (along with the other content of the Key Facts published on the website are indicative and Carillion igloo and the Designers reserve the right to change these to reflect latest market conditions and other factors.