HomeMade™ Custom Build


Q How do I reserve a plot?

The first 6 plots are available to reserve now for £500. Future plots will be released at ‘Plot Shops’ every few months on a first-come, first-served basis, provided you have undertaken a personal finance check (see below). Contact us to be kept informed when new plots are going to be released. Once you have reserved your plot you will receive a ‘Plot Passport’ confirming where you can build on your plot and other useful details.

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Q Can I choose any HomeManufacturer on any plot?

The first six plots will become one home by each of the six HomeManufacturers. If your favourite HomeManufacturer has already been reserved, contact us to receive details of future plot releases when you can choose any HomeManufacturer on any plot.

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Q Will there be show homes?

Once the first 6 homes are complete they will be available to visit by prior arrangement with the agent Humberts.

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Q Can I buy more than one plot?

Sorry, no. The planning permission requires each plot to contain a separate home. However, subject to availability, family members or friends can buy adjacent plots.

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Q Can I buy a plot but choose someone else to build my home?

Sorry, no. The six HomeManufacturers will build all of the homes. They have been chosen because of the quality and choice of the designs they offer.

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Q What will be the total cost of buying a HomeMade™ Custom Build home?

The combined cost of the plot and the home will range from around £200,000 to £300,000 depending on the size and added design details you choose:

  • Your plot. You’ll pay a £500 reservation fee to secure your plot. Then a 10% deposit towards the plot price will be paid when the building of your home starts and the balance when the damp proof course is complete (see below). No VAT will be payable on your reservation fee or plot payment.
  • Your house. Your HomeManufacturer will confirm the cost once you have completed your design. They may require an upfront design fee of £2,500 - £3,000 plus VAT, which will be included in the cost they quote you. The majority of the cost will be paid in about 5 stages during the build. Most HomeManufacturers will require payment after each stage is completed, but some may require advance payments – see the key facts summary. Any VAT due will be included within the house cost.

As with any home purchase there will be a number of additional costs you will also need to budget for:

  • A personal finance check (see below). An initial discussion with Buildstore to help you identify your budget will be free. Once you are ready to reserve a plot a fee of £300 will be paid. No VAT will be payable on this amount.
  • If you need a mortgage to fund your new home specialist mortgage broker Buildstore will help you calculate these costs and arrange your mortgage for a fee of £695. No VAT will be payable on this amount. Your mortgage provider may also require insurance in case you are unable to fund the entire development. Buildstore will confirm these costs.
  • Conveyancing costs. This will be about £1,000 plus VAT for the fee for an experienced conveyancing company (see below) including local searches.
  • If your HomeMade™ home is your first home there will be no SDLT to pay on your purchase, unlike buying a home from a large housebuilder. If you own a house and will continue to do so whilst your Custom Build home is built, you will initially pay SDLT of 3% on the plot purchase and costs to damp proof course. Once you have moved into your HomeMade™ home you should be able to apply for a full refund of this amount provided you sell your current home within 3 years of your plot payment.
  • You will also need to budget for any cost of the home you will live in whilst your HomeMade™ home is built for you, and new fixtures and furniture not included in your HomeManufacturer’s costs and removal costs.
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Q How long will it take between reservation and moving in?

You will need about six weeks to finalise your design. Allow a further six weeks for your HomeManufacturer to arrange approvals from the Council’s planning and building control team and for specialist mortgage broker Buildstore to arrange approval from your mortgage provider (if applicable). Add to this the build time for your home, which will vary for each HomeManufacturer (see key facts summary). Having some of your home built in a factory reduces potential delays from bad weather. However if bad weather does lead to a delay it will not cost you any more.

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Q How much input will I have into the design of my new home?

The pleasure of HomeMade™ Custom Build is you can make a range of choices about your new home. Your HomeManufacturer will provide a menu to choose from. If there is something special that you’d like they will do their best to make it possible. Your HomeManufacturer will agree with you the best way to work together, including face-to-face meetings, by email, phone or Skype. They will have allowed for at least one meeting in their price (see key facts summary) and will let you know any additional cost for further meetings.

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Q Can I take longer to design my home if I wish?

If you feel you will need longer than six weeks please discuss this with your HomeManufacturer who will be as flexible as possible. 

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Q When will I be contractually obliged to buy my new home?

Once you’re happy with the design you’ll sign and ‘exchange’ your contract to purchase your plot and home. You will be contractually committed at this point. Once the necessary approvals are in place (see below) and damp proof course is reached the contract will ‘complete’ and you will own your plot. If you have a mortgage this will also take effect at the same time. This approach has been agreed with a conveyancing solicitor (see below) and mortgage lenders.

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Q What approvals will I need before my home is built?

Up to three approvals will be needed. A planning ‘reserved matters’ approval and a building control approval will be required from Cornwall Council. If you require a mortgage then a mortgage lender approval will also be needed. Your HomeManufacturer will manage the Council approvals and specialist mortgage broker Buildstore will arrange the mortgage lender approval. 

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Q What finance options are available for Custom Build?

A number of banks and building societies offer ‘stage payment’ mortgages to allow you to buy a HomeMade™ Custom Build plot and home. Specialist mortgage broker Buildstore can help you identify the best mortgage lender to meet your needs. Although the Government’s ‘Help to Buy’ scheme is not available for Custom Build housing, 90% lending is available now and we hope to introduce 95% shortly. Bridging finance, equity loans, shared ownership, part exchange and support with letting a property while your home is built for you are all options available (subject to your personal circumstances).

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Q Why will I need to undertake a personal finance check?

Your HomeManufacturer will be building you a bespoke home tailored to your needs with payments made throughout the build as progress is made. A personal finance check will help you identify the mortgage lending available to you, particularly with new stricter lending rules for all mortgages, and budget the right amount to create the home you dream of. You will need to have completed your personal finance check before you can reserve a HomeMade™ plot.

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Q What restrictions will there be on who can buy a plot and will they continue after my house is completed?

Carillion igloo’s experience is that places are more vibrant and residents are happier when developments are made up of people who live there as their main home. Reasonable steps will be taken to prevent buy-to-let investors from buying plots and encourage people to live at Heartlands as their primary residence. However once your home is complete there will be no restrictions placed on who you sell your property to or whether you can let it out.

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Q When will I own the property?

To ensure VAT does not need to be added to the cost of the plot you will own it once your house reaches damp proof course. You will still need a mortgage offer before the build starts but mortgage funds will only start to be released when you own the plot. Specialist mortgage broker Buildstore has discussed this approach, which is commonly used when developing new homes, with lenders.

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Q Will I need a conveyancing solicitor?

Yes. You are legally free to select who you wish. However we recommend an experienced local conveyancing company who understands both the unique features of Custom Build and buying and selling homes in a former mining area like Heartlands. They have also offered a lower fee due to the large number of plots being sold at Heartlands. The agent Humberts will put you in touch with them at the appropriate stage.

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Q What services will be available to each plot?

Electricity, gas, water and foul drainage will be available at the edge of each plot. Your HomeManufacturer will arrange for your house to be connected to these services. All connection costs will be included in the house price they provide.

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Q Will broadband be available?

Due to the World Heritage Site location satellite dishes are not permitted. However high speed broadband is available at Heartlands. Most of the major suppliers offer broadband in this location including BT, Sky, TalkTalk, EE and Plusnet through the BT phone line. Most include free connection costs as part of their service package, but please make your own enquiries.

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Q What size homes and garden are available?

All homes will be at least 10% larger than nearby newly built homes*. See the HomeManufacturer key facts summary for more information. Most gardens offer at least 50 square metres of outside space. See the plot details for more information.

*Based on Linden’s Home @ Heartlands and Boslowen developments.

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Q How much car parking is available?

Each plot will be sold with a dedicated car park space. Some spaces will be adjacent to the plot and some close by. If electric car charging or easy access to car parking is important please discuss this with agents Humberts. Visitor spaces will also be available within the development and on-street next to Heartlands Park, with additional parking within Heartlands’ pay-and-display car park.

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Q Do the properties come with a warranty and can I get building insurance?

Once your home is completed your HomeManufacturer will provide you with a 10 year warranty from a company acceptable to most mortgage lenders and insurance companies. It will be clearly stated when plots are released if they have been treated and an additional warranty will be provided for this work

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Q What happens if I am unhappy with the service I receive?

Creating your dream home is an important commitment by you. Carillion-igloo and the HomeManufacturers attach the same importance to ensuring the process runs smoothly throughout. However if you do have any concerns about the service you receive at any stage please contact agent Humberts or your HomeManufacturer initially. If they are unable to address your concern satisfactorily they will refer it to Carillion-igloo. If we can’t resolve your concern, you can use the Consumer Code for Home Builders and a third party will make a binding decision.

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Q Will there be noise from neighbouring businesses or Heartlands?

This development is located within an area that includes retail and industrial uses. The development has been designed in regular dialogue with neighbouring businesses, in particular the adjacent laundry, to reduce the chance of significant noise either inside your homes or within your garden. This includes an acoustic wall around the laundry. Some homes will have taller garden fences, which will be clearly stated in your 'Plot Passport’.

Heartlands occasionally organises well attended events, including fireworks and gigs. These have to be approved by Cornwall Council to ensure they don’t cause excessive noise or other disruption to nearby residents and businesses. Heartlands Trust will give the Management Company (see below) advance notice of any events.

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Q How will the development be maintained and will there be a service charge?

Most of the roads will be adopted and maintained by Cornwall Council. Similarly most of the drainage will be adopted and maintained by South West Water. Any costs of adoption will be included in the plot price. Some roads and drainage cannot be adopted and their maintenance will be the responsibility of the Management Company (see below). This will include the maintenance of the Village Green, the acoustic wall and a contribution to maintenance of Heartlands Park. These costs are being finalised but it is expected to be no more than £500 per year for each plot initially. The Management Company will be responsible for reviewing the costs each year and collecting service charge payments from residents.

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Q Will there be a Management Company and what will its role be?

The Management Company will be made up of residents. As well as taking responsibility for maintenance and service charge collection, the Management Company will organise events for the residents, liaise with Heartlands about its own events and generally take a lead on ensuring that a strong and successful community is formed. Carillion-igloo will provide support to the Management Company until it is up and running.

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Q How much will Council Tax be?

Council Tax rates have not yet been calculated however it is predicted that they are likely to be in the region of Band D (approximately £1,550 per annum). Please note this information is provided only as guidance and should not be relied upon. More details of Council Tax rates can be found on Cornwall Council’s website.

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Q If I would like to extend my home in the future how do I go about it?

Due to the World Heritage Site location plots do not benefit from ‘permitted development rights’ and you will need to apply to Cornwall Council for a ‘reserved matters’ planning application if you would like to extend your home in the future. However the Council should view favourably any proposals that comply with the Carillion-igloo’s planning permission, of which some of the key features will be included in your ‘Plot Passport’ (see above). Details of how to go about applying for planning permission are available on the Council’s website. If you know now that you are likely to want to extend your home in the future it would be worthwhile discussing this with your HomeManufacturer so they can build that flexibility into your initial designs.

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