HomeMade™ Custom Build


Custom Build is Here

More and more people are designing their own homes with Custom Build. Across Europe in places including Holland and Germany, and further afield too. In fact, outside the UK on average around half of all new homes are Custom Build, with communities of like-minded 'Custom Builders' creating exciting new places to live. People even camp out to secure the best plots when they come onto the market.

Home buyers are turning to Custom Build because it allows them to create a unique home and help shape the community they live in. It couldn’t be further from the soulless new build estates. And Heartlands, between Cambourne and Redruth in Cornwall, is one of the first places in the UK where you can enjoy the benefits of Custom Build.

How it Works

To Custom Build your HomeMade™ home you have two simple choices to make. First you pick a plot you’d like to build your home on. Second you choose a Design to design and build your home for you. There are 6 and all of their designs, including 2, 3 and 4 bedroom options, fit on every plot. So you get plenty of choice.

All of the experienced Designers will spend time with you in person to understand your needs and put your personality into your new home.

Building Your Home

Choosing to Custom Build means that you get to decide on every aspect of your new home. But unlike on TV, you won’t need to get your hands dirty and you won’t have the stress of managing the build yourself.

Your Designer is part of a 'HomeManufactuer'  team that will build your home to an agreed timetable and budget. The frame is precision-made in a factory before being delivered and assembled by an expert team on site. Your home is then finished to your exact specifications by reputable local tradespeople. You can visit the factory to see your frame being made and go to the site as often as you like to see your new home taking shape.

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