HomeMade™ Custom Build

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Do you dream of designing your own home? Now you can from £195,000.

Find out how...

Do you dream of designing your own home? Not a box on a soulless estate but a unique home in a friendly neighbourhood.

HomeMade™ is the first project of its kind in the UK, set in the unique oasis of Heartlands in Cornwall. Like many people do around the world now you can ‘Custom Build’ your dream home from £195,000, with various finance options available.

Decide the outside look of your home. Choose an open-plan layout or opt for distinct rooms. Live upstairs or down, front or back. Add sustainability or technology upgrades. The HomeMade™ team will help you put your personality into your home.

Custom Build is easy. To create your dream home, pick your plot, choose your HomeManufacturer and contact us today.

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